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Friday, July 17, 2009

Kabhi kuch waade khatakte hain..

Kabhi kuch yaadein khatakti hain..

Dheere sheere har baat kahatakne lagti hai..

Kya karein aaj khade hain zindagi ki uss raah pe

jahan shayad apni hi pehchan khatakti hai..

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Aaj lagta hai ki zindagi k kuch faislee galat thee...
hum aapse mile... milkar bichad gaye.. shayad yeh hamari taqdeer k khel they..
duniya itni palat si gayi hai ki kal mile na mile ya pata..
shayad yehi hamare naseeb ki thi dastaan..

Acer Aspire 5738z

Acer has recently launched a new notebook.. The Acer Aspire 5738z which resembles with an already existing notebook Aspire 6930.

The basic improvements in Aspire 5738z as compared to Aspire 6930 are:
* 2.8 kg weight compared to 3.5 kg
* More compact / slimmer
* Redesigned keyboard
* Wider trackpad
* Finger print scanner
* Cheaper

The complete specification is :

So, in all The Acer Aspire 5738z is a good buy for something Rs. 33,00/- + Taxes..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

aLL Time Favourites...


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Curious case of Benjamin button

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Direct from heart...

Log har manzil ko mushkil samajhte hai,
Hum har mushkil ko manzil samajhte hai.
Bada fark hai log aur hamare nazarie mein,
Log dil ko dard aur ham dard ko dil samajhte hai..

Pucho na us kagaz se,
jis pe hum dil ke bayan likhte hai !
tanhayion me beeti baaten,
tamaam likhte hein !
ab to wo kalam bhi diwani ho gayi,
jis-se hum aapka naam likhte hai !!!

Dilon se khelne ka hunar hume nahi aata
Isiliye ishq ki baazi hum haar gaye
Meri zindagi se shayad unhe bahut pyar tha
Isiliye mujhe zinda hi maar gaye....


Describing love is impossible..

Itz a feeling of being on top of this world...

People say being in love is a crazy feeling…

I have never experienced that yet but I am sure I will find my “True Love “ for sure one day…

And till then a few lines dedicated to her…

My DeLHI.. 2

1. India Gate

2. Shiv Murti


Strenght Is Believing In Your Ownself..

Strength is the courage to do tackle the hardships of life taht one face's in his / her lifespan...

There are so many instances where one need to listen to his heart instead of mind and vice-verse but in both times what is needed is the courage to implement the thought or decision..

So here is a platform for all those who are going though a period of mental disturbance or are trying to achieve something by means of their dedication and will-power..

So friendz...

Blurt your heart out here on this blog and i promise you that you will definately achieve your goal.. your dream ..

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